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Customer View

With your look and feel [branding] your customers will be able to browse and search your inventory for products and find accolades and tasting notes from industry leading sources. Additionally, they benefit from our Cuisine Match ™ engine which provides food pairings with wine, beer and liquor. They can then order their selections online for delivery or shipping from your store.

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Age Gate

An age gate is the first step in verifying your customers age. This is also a critical component if you want to advertise online.

Home Page

Crisp, clean and intuitive. Your customers will know immediately what your store is all about.


From a simple search keyword or drilling down thru your entire inventory, our easy to use interface allows your customers to find what they want quickly.


With a straight forward interface, your customers can choose their preferred method of order fulfillment! In-store pick up, delivery and even shipping are options you can now offer at check out!


Customers can register to keep a log of previous orders so they never forget that previously purchased wine or sign up for newsletters keeping them in touch with your latest offering.

Cuisine Match

Take the intimidation out of pairing that perfect wine! Our Cuisine Match Engine makes even novice customers experts when it comes to selecting the perfect wine for that special event.

Merchant Dashboard

The Merchant Dashboard allows you to customize the copy & functionality of your website by adding keywords, set delivery hours, blocking products that you do not wish to show, identify states that you ship to and manage your business as you wish.

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