Featured Customer
Featured Customer
Fishers Liquor Barn is a full service liquor store located in Grand Junction, Colorado. They approached Wine Rack Media with the desire to have a fully built out eCommerce enabled website in order to better serve their customer base.
Functionality Desired

The WRMeStore Platform allows customers a full suite of ever expanding feature sets. Customers can choose which elements they wish to deploy from their administration dashboard, enabling or disabling functionality on the fly.

Fishers Liquor Barn is offering their customers the following web based functionality:

Product Fulfilment
  • In-store pick up
  • Delivery within 15 miles of the store.
  • Fed Ex shipment of Wine to approved States
Store Gift Cards
  • A gift card for the store is purchased via the website
  • Option is available for customers to print out gift cards directly at time of purchase
Club Card Membership
  • Specialized pricing for club card members
Intelligence Engine
  • Intelligent shopping cart discriminates against shipment of unauthorized products
Unique Customer Profiles
  • Registered users can review all previous orders placed via the website for instant reordering
Displaying Live Inventory Counts on Website
  • Fishers Liquor Barn chose to hide live inventory counts, but can enable at any time from the back end
Events Calendar
  • Displays dates and time for upcoming events
  • Printable coupons directly from the website
  • Clickable flyer displaying weekly sales
Multi-Level Pricing
  • Site displays non-sale, sale, club card pricing through-out the site without logging in
"Fishers Liquor Barn carefully researches and compares online solutions that can grow our business. To maximize revenue, we needed a dynamic, attractive, flexible and easily maintained website. Wine Rack Media stood out as the obvious choice. When your enterprise builds a new website or replaces an out of date e-commerce platform, I highly recommend Wine Rack Media.""
-Josh Matteson, General Manager, Fisher Liquor Barn

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